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Nicolas Camacho

Carleton University

Bachelor of International Business

Concentration: Marketing & Trade

Minor: Economics

Growing up and studying in six different countries has allowed me to develop exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. This has led me to not only adapt and excel independently in any environment I am placed in but also excel at leading and working in culturally diverse teams. I achieve great results-oriented with commitment and resilience for everything I set myself towards.


Certifications, Skills & Languages


Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certificate


Adobe Photoshop


Fluent English


Social Media Marketing Certificate




Fluent Spanish


Content Marketing Certificate




Intermediate French

Microsoft Office Suite




Carleton university - Sprott School of Business

The Bachelor of International Business program challenges students to specialize not only in International Business, developing superior cross-cultural skills but also, in my case, to have a concentration in International Marketing and Trade, all while learning a new language and placing you out of your comfort zone by going abroad.


ULB - Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management is a leading business school located in Belgium with an excellent international reputation that allows undergraduate exchange students to challenge and improve their academics by participating in master level courses.



Overview of courses

A total of 40 courses, including 5 master level courses, ranging from 6 different fields of study:

  • International Business (9)

  • Marketing (5)

  • Economics (8)

  • Finance (3)

  • Accounting (2)

  • French (4)

  • Other (8)


Sprott School of Business

As a Sprott student I continuously look for opportunities to broaden my experiences and get involved on campus:

  • Year abroad at ULB - Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management

  • Sprott Student Blogger

  • Sprott Student Ambassador

  • Sprott Gala 2019 Photographer


Clubs, Conferences & Volunteering

Throughout my degree, I have participated ​in the following activities and clubs: 

  • Humanitarian Organization of Latin American Students

  • Carleton University Exchange Association

  • World University Service of Canada - Panel event

  • Canadian Bureau of International Education Conference 2018

  • 2018 Fall Orientation

  • 2018 Academic Orientation


Awards / Scholarships

  • Carleton University Entrance Scholarship 

  • International Award of Excellence

  • CASG Award for International Student

My Time as a Carleton University Student 


Other Interests


Photograph events, exhibit my photography on Instagram and my website, and sell prints.


Starting in 3rd grade and all throughout high school I practiced and played tennis. Avid fan of soccer, participating in intramural teams throughout my university degree.


Keen interest in Economics,  particularly in Behavioural Economics, constantly trying to understand what drives people to make decisions.


Actively monitor Canadian and U.S. stock market, while staying informed regarding global political and economic impacts, seeing a 36% gain in the first year of investing.


At the age of 23, I have had the privilege of visiting a total of 37 countries throughout the world.


Highly interested in and constantly learning about how tech is transforming industries, workflows, and daily life; primarily following tech developments in Marketing, E-commerce, FinTech, EdTech, and Retail


“Nico's primary project as the International Summer Projects Assistant was to evaluate, revise, and transition an existing online course for international students to a new Learning Management Software. Through this process, Nico gained experience in project planning, consultation, program evaluation, and video editing. The result of his hard work was an engaging and learning-rich 7 module course, comprised of 25+ new educational videos and reflective assessments.

This project required Nico to apply his exceptional communication and collaboration skills to liaise with content contributors, script educational videos, and effectively serve a culturally-diverse audience of learners. Time and again, I have seen Nico use strong analytical skills to identify issues and concerns, and to provide appropriate and effective solutions. Within various roles in our office, Nico has demonstrated strong execution skills and a commitment to excellence. I would - and have - hired Nico again."

Niamh O'Shea / International Student Support Coordinator, Carleton University

“[Nicolas] is one of the most ethical students I have encountered in over 30 years of teaching… Nicolas proved himself to be a caring, supportive student who would give freely of his time to support others. He had a high aptitude for the study of English language and literature and was very much involved in his work, applying himself with persistence and dedication, especially in relation to the study of Language and Mass Communication…... He can present ideas confidently to others, using formal language and an appropriate format. Nicolas appreciates the value of understanding your clients and / or consumers, has a good working knowledge of persuasive / promotional techniques and is able to construct a report that is well structured and written.”

Angela Martin / Head of English, Colegio Gran Bretaña

“[Nicolas] is a very polite, friendly and conscientious, and held in the highest regard by his peers and teachers alike… The characteristic that impressed me the most about Nicolas was the positive relationship that he had on his peers. There were several tasks that the class were set, that required group work, and Nicolas was not only able to work well collaboratively as part of a team, but also show many leadership qualities…. During his time in my class, Nicolas also showed great ability to work independently, which in my experience, is a skill that cannot be undervalued…. He proved his ability to research information based on economic theory and synthesize this information into a high-level inquiry project.”

Stephen Caple / Head of Mathematics, British School of Villareal

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